After Baby: Pamper Yourself with Luxury Skin Care

When you first come home from the hospital with your baby, you may feel exhausted, yet elated. You may try to do everything yourself as you get used to having a baby in your life. After a few weeks you may begin to wear down a bit. Even with people helping, a newborn can be a fulltime job. It is important to take care of yourself well, or you cannot be the best mother that you can be. Take the time to eat good meals, go for a walk, and pamper your skin.

Your Body

Your boy goes through a lot of changes when you are pregnant. Now that the baby is here, your body starts to work on getting back to normal. This, however, can take quite a bit of time. You may feel like your body is amazing and powerful for giving birth, and yet you may still feel unhappy with some of your attributes. It can take months to lose your baby weight and get toned up. Your skin, however, is something that you can change right away. Just like at the beginning of your pregnancy, you may notice that your skin texture is changing again. Get healthy skin with Clarins Singapore’s skin care products. You can choose moisturising body products, as well as specialised facial items. You may need to do a little more experimenting while your hormones continue to fluctuate.

Your Face

Just because you have a new baby does not mean that must stay at home every day, hiding your make-up free face from the world. You can continue to glow with the right products. Moisturising is a necessity, even if you are prone to oily skin. Moisturise well with a night cream before you go to sleep at night. These work extra hard to make sure that you look your best in the morning. Focus on a more natural look. You can take some hints from your fresh-faced baby. Moisturise daily, use a concealer to hide those under eye circles, and add a slight colour to your cheeks. A coat of mascara can make your eyes look a little more open after an all-nighter with a crying baby, as well.

Spa Day

You deserve a break and there are many products to help you achieve spa day at home. Enlist grandma to take care of baby for an hour or two while you pamper yourself from head to toe. Start with a facial and a foot soak. You can enjoy reading or catching up on a television show during this time, as well. You can even use a deep hair conditioner and exfoliating body scrub while you soak in some Epsom salts. You are sure to feel rejuvenated and ready to take on motherhood with new energy after spa treatments. You can finish off with a light fragrance and dinner out with your husband.

Self-care is important for every woman. It is difficult, however, to achieve this when you are a busy new mom or have a busy career. Order some luxury body and face products to get that spa feeling every time that you get ready for the day.