Breast Changes: Reasons for Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery has become a common way to make changes to your appearance. Many people have something they would like to change through a plastic surgery procedure. For some it is just a passing thought, while for others it is goal. Noses and breasts seem to be two of the most commonly changed items. These can both be done for cosmetic or medical purposes, depending on the circumstances. Plastic surgery on the breasts may be done to change size, rebuild after cancer, or counteract sagging. There are even some people who go in for reductions. Whatever the reason, it is pertinent that you choose the right surgeon.


Women are all unique. Their breast sizes vary greatly. Some women are happy with their chest, while others think about changes for years. These changes often revolve around a larger size. Breast plastic surgery in Brisbane can help you achieve your goal. There are also some situations when the natural breast size may be too large for comfortable activity. In these cases, a reduction can be done to ease back pain and allow the person to perform more athletic activities. Implants can be added to increase the breast size, while tissue can be removed to decrease cup size.

Cancer Recovery

Breast cancer survivors sometimes have to have their entire breasts removed to ensure that the cancer is completely gone. Sometimes it is only one breast that has to be removed, and sometimes it is both. After they are clear from cancer, some victims prefer to have breast implants. A quality plastic surgeon can help construct breasts for these survivors. This gives them the ability to wear clothes the way they used to, and it also helps many women feel physically whole again after their body has gone through such a severe illness.


A lift is a minor change that can make some people feel better as they are aging. After having kids and breastfeeding, many women find that their chest does not appear as perky it once did. Not everyone, however, wants to add implants. A lift involves bringing the breasts back up to where they may have rested in your younger years. Stretched skin from having babies may also need to be tucked. This procedure is attractive for women who want to feel better about their breasts, but who do not like the idea of something unnatural. It is a subtle change that can make it possible to look younger in clothing and swimsuits.

Changes to the breasts are often sought out by women who have been through an illness or childbirth. The body goes through many changes as we age, and even when these changes are natural, many women desire to make a change. As a result, plastic surgery is fairly common as a cosmetic procedure.