Process of Heroin Detox

Heroin is considered as one of the most addictive drugs of all the times. The level of drugs in the body can be ascertained with the help of medical tests. Drug testing technology is also used in the legal cases for tracing, alcohol and drugs in the blood.

If you suspect of any of your loved ones into this addiction, you can determine it with the help of blood, saliva and urine tests. A positive report might result in legal cases or the way to recovery from addiction.

These drugs are generally constructive in nature. They can provide important information about the health status and the addiction history of the person. If a person is undergoing any medical treatment for this, then it can help in ascertaining the treatment progress.

Types of Tests

There are various types of tests which can determine if a person is consuming heroin or not.

Urine Test – Instrument and non instrument tests are conducted under this category. Instrument testing included conducting tests with the help of advanced scientific equipments. The report there after confirms the presence or absence of the drug. The samples are generally taken on site and are further sent to the advanced and certified lab for examination. Later on the report is studied and testified by the doctors and scientists.

The results are accurate though, but there are chances of adulteration of the sample by water or any other substance. Therefore this test is conducted under strict supervision and the samples are kept under safe conditions. Non instrument test is conducted with the help of test kit. The results are determined immediately after the sample collection. It is basically a dip strip device that is used in this method. Though it is a simpler one, but the results cannot be relied upon completely. Therefore it is best to conduct a instrumental test to confirm the results. If a person is chronic heroin addict, then there are chances that his test might be positive even after 7 days of last intake. Otherwise generally 2-3 days are counted for the traces of the drug.

Blood Test – Blood test to trace heroin presence in the body is no as accurate as the above urine test. The reason behind this is that the heroin leaves the blood streams at a faster pace than urine. Blood test is performed under strict medical supervision. There are high chances of infection and risky as well. However with a latest technology, heroin can be traced with a single drop of blood.

Hair Sample and Saliva – These are some other test types which are conducted worldwide. Though their results are not considered to be accurate but can be taken into consideration. It is said that dark hairs absorb more heroin then blonde hairs. This can result into biased test reports of two different people.

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