Read This in Order to Know All About Chalazion

Sometimes when you get up from your bed in the morning, you may notice a lump or small swelling developed on your eyelid. There is nothing much to worry as it may be because of blocked gland. In medical terms this is known as “Chalazion” and if there are more than one then it is called “Chalazia”. It usually occurs on the upper eyelid however sometimes it may also show up on the lower eyelid. Also, it can happen on both eyelids.

Let us discuss about what is a chalazion and what are its causes and symptoms to know more about this problem.


Mostly this problem occurs in adults and usually start with small area getting swollen and red with little pain if it is touched. Within few days, pain goes way but the lump or bump still remains. Following symptoms can be seen –

  • On the eyelid a small lump is noticed
  • Swelling is observed on the eyelid
  • Discomfort or soreness
  • Skin getting red
  • Watery eye

  • Slight irritation on the eye
  • Blurry vision

Once you get one you are likely to get few more on the same eye or the other eye.


  • Meibomian glands in both upper and lower eyelids produce oil which gets mixed with tears and moistens to protect your eyes. In case, the oil becomes too thick or due to inflammation, the glands are plugged then you may notice Chalazion
  • Certain infection can also cause this problem, which is rare though.


Doctors can check your eyes and ask you few questions regarding the symptoms, your past history of health and eye problems if any. No specific test is needed.

This problem can occur more than once if you do not visit any doctor. Doctor will also check the other unaffected eye to rule out if there is any chance of reoccurrence.

Home treatment

Even if you do not take any treatment this problem may go away after a week. As a home treatment, you can use moist and warm heat on the affected area. Your doctor can give you instructions on how long you should do this. You must keep your hand clean and avoid touching the affected area. Also, do not try to squeeze or drain it.

If your home treatment does not provide you any relief and the condition remains the same and other eye is also affected then show to an eye specialist, who will suggest eye drops or medicines depending upon the condition.